Upcoming RescueMED Training and Courses

RescueMED offers specialized training programs for medical professionals seeking expertise in remote or wilderness environments. Our training equips practitioners with essential skills for such austere and challenging settings.

The programs cover various topics including patient assessment, wound management, trauma care, and infectious diseases, and are taught by highly experienced and qualified expert practitioners. They provide a contemporary overview of medical care in the wilderness and will be facilitated by internationally recognised experts in wilderness medicine.

Our training uses hands-on learning via lectures, discussions, workshops, hands-on training and realistic simulated patient scenarios in relevant and beautiful environments to enhance the wilderness medicine skills and experience of medical and emergency response professionals.

Being internationally recognised and accredited or endorsed by appropriate bodies (including Wilderness Medicine Society, AdventureMed, ACCRM and ACEM), the learnings are both widely applicable and include challenges and patient presentations specific to the various Australian environments.

Completion can earn credits towards Fellow in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM) and potentially other relevant qualifications. Paramedics and nurses can use these courses for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) if relevant to their practice.

Please explore each of our upcoming courses below.

Canyon Rescue Medicine

October 16–19, 2023
Blue Mountains, NSW

4 days training in canyon rescue and emergency responses

Wilderness Life Support: Medical Professional

Monday 2 – Thursday 5 Dec 2024
Mount Buller Alpine Resort, Victoria

Formerly: Advanced Wilderness Life Support (AWLS)

Wilderness Rescue Medicine

May 15–19, 21–25 or May 27–31, 2024
Bay of Fires Lodge, Tasmania

A course for advanced care medical practitioners in remote and austere settings

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